Shiva Ratri


Shiva Ratri, literally meaning ‘the night consecrated to Shiva’ is celebrated by paying tribute and homage to the Lord himself. As the name suggests the festival; has more to night than the day, as for in the nights the true grandeur is manifested. The temples premises light up with the open bonfire that is lighted, for the belief that on this day the warmth of the fire is to be felt by everyone. The bonfire, on local dialects, is known as Dhuni. As offerings to the god almighty, Prasad is served to all the devotees that throng to the Shiva temples. The bonfire is kept all night and somewhere still in the morning the warmth of its nearly extinguished flames can be felt.

Also smaller bonfire are created on household levels, as they serve only devotional purposes on individual and family levels, they are much smaller to large open bonfires that are made in open public squares and in front of the temples.
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