Janai Purnima


Janai Purnima falls on the full moon day of August and is a time marked with festivals that begin the preceding evening, continuing all through the day and lasting far into the night. Traditionally this day marks as the annual changing of the Scared Thread among some people while some of them are happy with the Scared Thread around their fists, rather than in the Hindu Brahmins who wear the thread about their neck and underarm beneath their clothing.

This day also marks as the one of the important day in the people of Patan as in this day the statue of Lord Shiva is immersed in the pond in the premises of Kumbeshor temple. The whole atmosphere is filled up with the chanting of holy verses and the aroma of the incense fills up ones nose. The whole enticing atmosphere is splendid enough to take the aspirants into a state of religious bliss if not other.
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