Cultural Walks


During the Lalitpur Festival in 1998, the concept of an inner city tour for visitors was started by the Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City to showcase its achievements and development works in the city. This tour was also intended to highlight and promote the rich cultural and architectural heritage of Patan. read more>>


Following the Alternative Tour guidebook, another attractive book, the Patan Walkabout was also published with detailed descriptions of the route covering almost fifty percent of the tour included in the Alternative Tour. This book was published with financial contributions from Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City and UDLE, edited by Mr. Kanak Mani Dixit and written by Mr. Bijay Lal Shrestha. read more>>

Shankhamul Cultural Walk

The holy water of River Bagmati has played an important role in the development of Patan as a City of Art and Culture. According to Hindu water cosmology, life begins and ends with water. Believers of this philosophy worship the river as the Universal Mother Goddess Ganga. read more>>
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