Dashain is by far the longest, most auspicious and most joyous time of the year, celebrated by equal respect and devotion all over the country. The celebration period of Dashain marks the victory of goddess Durga who liberated the sufferings of the people from the miseries caused by the evil demons headed by their fierce king: Mahaisasura, who roamed the earth, terrorizing the populace in the guise of ferocious water buffalo.

The period of Dahain is marked by conducting special pujas in each and every house of the believers. Devotes throng to the temples and places of worships that are dedicated to the Nine forms of the Goddess, the Durga. Therefore the whole period of Dahain is also known as Nava Ratri. The special puja is concluded on the tenth day by bestowing the scared jamara onto the heads of the juniors of the family by their elders.
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