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New Use for Traditional Architecture:

Conversion of Typical Newar House into Quality Tourist Accommodations

Rehabilitation of the SHRESTHA HOUSE and the RAJBHANDARI HOUSE in Patan, Kathmandu Valley, World Heritage Site.

Project background

Patan Durbar Square monument zone, the heart of Patan city, is one of the seven monument zones of Kathmandu Valley World Heritage Site, enlisted by UNESCO in 1979. The major attractions in this area include the 17th century palace complex and several other temples and shrines noted for their exquisite carving. read more>>

Project description

Anticipating the consequences of the loss of this invaluable resource, Patan Tourism Development Organization (PTDO) initiated a programme in 1997 to identify and promote selected traditional houses within Patan Monument Zone and renovate these properties providing new sympathetic uses for them.
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Project objectives

The principal objective of this programme is to create awareness among the residents the significance of their rich architectural heritage and simultaneously encourage them to conserve their buildings by providing financial incentives through this effort and converting these houses into quality tourist accommodations. read more>>

Revolving Fund Concept

Since PTDO is a non for profit organization dedicated to the promotion of tourism in Patan, it was decided that the grant received from NFUAJ would be used as seed money for a Revolving Fund that would offer loans to the homeowners at a nominal interest rate so that this fund would be used to fund more similar ventures. read more>>

Present status of the project

The programme kicked off in mid 1999 with the restoration and conversion of the Shrestha House upon the receipt of funding from UNESCO. The initial target for completion was October 31, 2001, however, due to various reasons, this project, unfortunately, could not be completed in stipulated period of time.
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