Shankhamul Cultural Walk

The holy water of River Bagmati has played an important role in the development of Patan as a City of Art and Culture. According to Hindu water cosmology, life begins and ends with water. Believers of this philosophy worship the river as the Universal Mother Goddess Ganga.

For this reason, residents of Patan and beyond come to Shankhamul Ghat along this sacred River Bagmati to take their last breath. Shankhamul ghat is also believed to be the ultimate gateway to heaven, from where even the sinful souls find their path to Narayan, the Supreme Lord of the Water World.

This Shankhamul Cultural Walk begins from the mighty Bhimsen Temple near the Ayu Guthi Sattal in Patan Durbar Square and takes you through numerous fascinating alleys carrying a history of more than 2000 years of riverine civilization to the sacred ghats and brings you through winding stone-paved streets back to the House of Long Life.
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