To the northern end of the famed Patan Durbar Square standing next to the beautiful Mani Ganesha Temple is a beautiful two storey small traditional building called Ayu Guthi Sattal, literally meaning a long life-span house.

This structure was originally built in the 18th century to serve as a Fraternity House open to all. Nepali sisters whose brothers are unfortunately not alive can come here on Bhaitika Day and perform the brothers’ day rituals praying for eternal peace for their deceased brothers as well as for long life of all the living brothers in this world.

Legend has it that long time ago a sister from a rich Newar family came to her parental house to celebrate the Brother’s Day. But to her big disappointment she learnt that her brother with whom she wanted to celebrate had unfortunately passed away only a few moments before she arrived. Terribly shocked and saddened by this incident, it is believed that the same year she built a Sattal (public rest house) to commemorate her brother’s untimely death and named it as Ayu guthi Sattal meaning Long-life House open to all.
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