A Short walk from the Golden Temple monastry to the north standing with great distinction is Nepal’s oldest five storey temple (the other more famous Nyatapola temple of Bhaktapur was built in 17th century). This 15th century temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is popularly known as Kumbheshwore.

Numerous religious sculptures and shrines scattered in and around this temple complex speak a lot about the importance of this place. Some people call this the mini – Pashupati area (the largest Hindu temple complex of Nepal) because of many similar structures shown here are similar to those in Pashupati.

One of the main structures to be seen here is the beautiful silver shrine dedicated to goddess Banglamukhi. This shrine attracts thousands of devotees especially on Thursdays, as many believe this powerful goddess grants all the wishes her devotees make.

Another important site here is the Kumbheshwore Kunda (after which the whole temple complex is named). It is believed that the source of this small reservoir is Gosaikunda Lake in the Himalayas some 14000 feet above sea level. A big religious fair is held here every year on Janaipurnima Day in April.
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