Other Activities
PTDO was also one of the major local supporting partners for the Urban Management and Economic Diversification Project (2001/02), an EC-Asia Urbs Programme that aimed to increase economic activities through tourism activities that promoted proper city management and heritage conservation. During the two year period of this project, PTDO actively participated in all their activities and provided valuable consultations on the tourism market in Patan.

Currently, PTDO is implementing another EC-Asia Urbs Programme, the Bandipur Eco-Cultural Tourism Project (2005/06) in Bandipur, Nepal. This is also a two year project that aims to promote and protect the cultural and natural resources of Bandipur as a tourist destination in both the domestic and international markets.

PTDO played a key role as the Head of the Steering Committee of the Urban Management Project that was initiated UDLE and the Lalitpur Sub-metropolitan City to tackle the urban poverty issues in the city.

In addition, PTDO organises various activities with other organisations regularly such as the Schoolchildren Patan WHS Painting Competition in 2001 aimed to raise awareness and involve schoolchildren in their national heritage.
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